RT 3-2-17… „‘Stop spreading lies & fake news,’ Russian FM spokeswoman [Maria Zakharova] tells CNN reporter“ (aka, Russia is still awake to MSM BS!)

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rt_cube_logo_150_47Well, it’s great to see that the Russia FM spokesperson is still understanding what the US MSM (many of them) is about. There is a full court press, apparently, to get everyone on Trump’s team negatively connected to Russia.

Sorry… ain’t gonna work.

„Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman… refused to discuss spying allegations against the Russian ambassador to the US with a CNN reporter, advising the broadcaster to stop spreading lies and fake news. A CNN crew attended Zakharova’s weekly briefing in Moscow on Thursday, but asked no questions at the session itself about a fresh report by CNN, which said “current and former US intelligence officials have described Kislyak as a top spy and recruiter of spies.”

„“CNN accused him of being a Russian spy, recruiting spies… Oh, my god!” Zakharova exclaimed… “Come on, stop spreading lies and fake news. This is a good advice for the CNN. Thank you,”…

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