Jordan Sather, Full Disclosure Now 2-21-17… „Antarctica – FDN Community Intel Report by Jordan Sather“

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jordan_sather_website_headshot_1Some may be interested in this video from Jordan (Jay) Sather. I have had this „mind movement“ for a few days that it was time to post this.

I feel Jordan is one of those who have come to this planet to assist in the awakening, and raising in consciousness, of all of us. I know that he has a „Health and Personal Development Coaching Services“ website, called „Conscious Strength„, he lives in the Northwest (US) somewhere, is extremely „organic“, and I believe he can (perhaps) bench press 400 lb. and dead lift 1000 (not sure about those last two).

I enjoying following him on FB ( as well as Twitter (@DestroyIllusion). That’s all I’ll say about him for now. Anyway, I felt it was time to post this message from this extremely enlightened BEing.

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