I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline, Consciousness, Fractured or Whole.

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

I rescind permission for any involvement in ritualized abuse, trauma-based mind-control, deception, suffering, hate, division of the people, abridging the free-will of others, the hoarding of genetics, wealth, materials, power, or information for the subjugation and belittlement of mind, body, or emotions of any being in existence including but not limited to Earth inhabitants, cosmic defenders of the atmopheric fleets, the underground races and the prisoners of all therein.

I rescind the use of my genetics, lineage, bloodline, consciousness, fractured or whole.

Pass this around: „I hereby rescind the use of my genetics, lineage and bloodline, my consciousness, fractured or whole, for any experimentation, energy harvesting, soul harvesting, abuse, sacrifice, ritualization, rape, molestation, murder, hate, lust, confusion, or any form or frequency of emotional manipulation, through the use of but not limited to scalar psychotronic technology to proliferate a destructive, chaotic experience on Earth for innocent beings.

I declare free-will…

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