David Oates… Three Reverse Speeches for your consideration…

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reverse_speech_header_300_2Okay… I’m fascinated by the data that reverse speech (RS) provides. I’ve posted a couple of these before, from Tiffany Fontenot (also Tifvision.wordpress.com) and David Oates (also DavidOates.com). These are from David Oates.

The first two are quite short, and the last is about one hour. David says he has recently discovered some non-congruent reversals in Trump’s speech, which he was not aware of before. However, one thing I noted in the last video, the interpretation of the reverse speech is up to the interpreter. Some of the ones he points out as „negative“, do not appear that way to me. But the Hillary RSs leave little to the interpretive imagination.

Reverse Speech analysis of Donald Trump’s speech to Congress 28/2/17

Reverse Speech – the best of Hillary Clinton

Jeff Rense Program 3/3/17 – Shocking speech reversals on Donald Trump


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