3-4-17… „March 4 Reading: Today’s Messages“

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tracy_by_water_240_1This is from Tracy. I just listened to these videos and felt the „sense“ others would benefit from this. Tracy is a Shaman herself, and like many of us, she does very strange and wonderful energetic things. And recall that, according to GaiaPortal, her cat, Sol, is recognized by hu-beings as „the Leader of All.“ („hu-beings recognize Sol as the leader of all“).


March 4 Reading: Today’s Messages

Happy Birthday to all fellow March 4th-ers and fellow Pisceans!

1. In honor of all the beautiful readings and messages I have found online today, I uploaded MY OWN very SHORT shamanic oracle reading.

ENJOY MY FRIENDS! Apologies for the microphone interference. Ill get better at this~

Highlights: Today 11:11 energies open a portal to join the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. A companion/guardian/helper is present to bridge the gap. Calling upon this companion energy in a  meditation…

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