Two sisters last seen 30 years ago after they vanished found alive

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Two sisters last seen decades ago in Canada have been found alive, police said.
Anna Hakze, 67, and her sister Kym Hakze, 53, are now living in the US, more than 30 years after they were last seen by their mother in Edmonton, Canada.

Their mother reported them missing in 2003, more than a decade after she lost contact with them. She died four years ago, never knowing what became of her daughters.

Kym Hakze, who goes by a different name now, told police that she and her sister did not know they were subjects of a missing persons case, police said.
Lethbridge police have not yet talked to Anna Hakze, but US authorities have confirmed where she lives, the Toronto Star reports.
‚After so many years, it’s very unusual for a case like this to end with good news,‘ said Staff Sergeant Scott Woods of the Lethbridge Police Service…

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