Tucker Debates Black Professor’s Claim that Charles Murray Should be Barred from Speaking (Video)


A lesbianish black professor denies that blacks have lower IQs than whites and denies the dysfunctionality of blacks.

Tucker does not demolish her in his usual manner but he does scold her with admonitions to read Murray’s books and stop mischaracterizing them.

The interview was motivated by the violent protests over Charles Murray’s speaking engagement at Middlebury College in Vermont. Read more about the violence in this Saboteur365 post.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Mar 3, 2017

Tucker Takes on Black Princeton Professor Carolyn Rouse on Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/3/17 about Charles Murray Middlebury College students disrupting the author. Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker Carlson Live, Tucker Carlson Destroys, Tucker Carlson Tonight Live, Tucker Carlson VS, Tucker Carlson 3/3/17, Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/3/17, Tucker Carlson Full Interview, Tucker Carlson Show, Tucker Carlson Interview, Carlson Tucker, Fox News, Tucker Carlson Owns, 3/3/17, 3-3-17, Charles Murray, Middlebury, Shouted Down…

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