Trump’s US to Separate Detained Immigrant Kids from Mothers?


  • An undocumented immigrant family from Guatemala in El Paso, U.S.

    An undocumented immigrant family from Guatemala in El Paso, U.S. | Photo: Reuters

Published 3 March 2017
Trump has called for ending so-called “catch and release,” in which migrants and refugees who cross illegally are freed to live in the United States.

Women and children crossing together illegally into the United States could be separated by U.S. authorities under a proposal being considered by the Department of Homeland Security, according to three government officials.

The Refugee Crisis in the Americas

Part of the reason for the proposal is to deter mothers from migrating to the United States with their children, said the officials, who have been briefed on the proposal.

The policy shift would allow the government to keep parents in custody while they contest deportation or wait for asylum hearings. Children would be put into protective custody with the Department of Health and Human Services…

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