Rob Kardashian‘s family concerned about the reality star in the wake of his split from Blac Chyna

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Their latest separation was said to be maturely executed and far less dramatic than the first. But it doesn’t sound as though Rob Kardashian is fairing all that well.

A source for People claims that things have been quite rough for the 29-year-old reality television star, who welcomed baby Dream along with Blac Chyna, 28, back in November.

Since the pair called off their engagement in January, the Kardashian clan has reportedly been ‚very concerned‘ about the direction of Rob’s life, which was also described as ‚a mess.‘

‚He is not in a state to care for [Dream] by himself,‘ said the source, which would explain why ‚he is spending time with Dream, but never alone.‘
Apparently Rob is also experiencing some health issues again as well.

‚He’s ‚very unhealthy — both physically and emotionally,‘ with the source adding ‚he isn’t taking care of himself. He eats junk and doesn’t exercise.‘

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