Pamela Anderson commits to aiding men like Julian Assange who are victims of political bullying


Pamela Anderson has shown moral courage and political integrity. She is to be commended.

When one thinks of a political warrior for justice, Pamela Anderson might not be the first name that comes to mind.

However, her recent vocal defence of Julian Assange and her personal commitment to comforting him during his confinement in The Ecuadorian Embassy in London, makes her stand head and shoulders above the EU leaders who have tossed the greatest journalist of the modern age to the political dogs.

Like many, Anderson realises that Sweden’s rape laws have gone from sensible to untenable and downright peculiar. One is tempted to use the American term ‘cruel and unusual’.

Speaking with RT, she talked enthusiastically of taking up a new cause of protecting men from political persecution, a cause inspired by the unjust plight of Julian Assange.

Anderson said,


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