Jewish Fingerprint: Hotel in Bethlehem offers ‚worst view in the world‘ with rooms facing grey concrete.


Banksy opens Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Hotel in Bethlehem offers ‚worst view in the world‘ with rooms facing grey concrete.

Secretive British street artist Banksy has opened a hotel next to Israel’s separation wall in Bethlehem, his latest artwork in the Palestinian territories.

The Walled Off Hotel is only four metres from the wall which cuts through the occupied West Bank and all the rooms face it.

„It has the worst view of any hotel in the world,“ Banksy said in a statement.

The artist himself was not in attendance, though dozens of his new works adorn the walls.

Above one bed an Israeli soldier and Palestinian protester fight with pillows, while a television supposedly showing CNN is cracked and backwards.

In the presidential suite, a working jacuzzi is fed from a leaking water tank similar to those that adorn the roofs of many Palestinian homes.

Banksy’s artwork…

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