The CIA Protected Adolf Eichmann, Architect Of The Holocaust (and rescued and hired Nazis by the tens of thousands) | Francisco Gil -White

Adara Press

Eichmann smirkingEven as his assumed identity and whereabouts in Argentina became known to American authorities, the fugitive German war criminal Adolf Eichmann was being shielded by the CIA from apprehension and prosecution  for having orchestrated an industrial scale, transnational human extermination apparatus that resulted in the deaths of millions:  Roma, homosexuals, communists, Serbs, Jews, the disabled…   It was Eichmann’s lifetime achievement.   Why was this German mass murderer so valuable to the United States government?

According to Francisco Gil-White, thwarting Eichmann’s prosecution for his monstrous war crimes was just the tip of the iceberg.  The rest, as he explains it, will make your hair stand on end.  The U.S. government effectively turned Germany’s defeat into a wholesale Nazi victory.  He offers this from this from the Washington Post circa 1988, and he’s only just getting started:

“It is no longer necessary — or possible — to deny the fact: the U.S. government systematically and Eichman Nazi Architectdeliberately recruited active Nazis by the thousands, rescued them, hired them and relied upon them…

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