Rejected by Israel, Eritreans find shelter in Germany



About 30,000 Eritreans live in Israel, where a dangerous voluntary resettlement plan is being criticised.

Yemane Mesgen eventually made it to Germany after a treacherous journey as a refugee [Yermi Brenner/Al Jazeera]


Yermi Brenner

Multimedia Journalist

Berlin, Germany – The most crucial decision for a person forced to flee their homeland is where to seek asylum. That is the hard lesson learned by Yemane Mesgen on his harrowing journey as a refugee.

Mesgen was born and raised in Eritrea, where the government has committed crimes against humanity, including indefinite military or police service, according to the United Nations. In 2008, after he was recruited to be a policeman, Mesgen decided to flee his homeland. He considered going to Europe, but was afraid of the dangerous journey across Libya and the Mediterranean Sea.

Instead, he chose Israel as…

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