„Post-war terrorism has German/Nazi fingerprints all over it.“

Adara Press

Nazi involvement in the genesis of post-war terrorism is remarkable in scope, yet largely unknown.

German war criminals and Nazi financiers were central to the creation of FATAH – PLO and The Muslim Brotherhood– the parent organization of Hamas, as well as other Arab – Islamic terrorist militias.  A notable figure in this effort was Francois Genoud.  Here are but a few highlights of his career:

Francois Genoud, [was] a member of the Swiss Nazi Party during World War II, who assisted Allen Dulles from 1943-45 in negotiations to redeploy Nazi intelligence assets into safe havens for later use.

Among those assets was Amt VI, the “foreign nationalities division” of SS General Walter Schellenberg’s Sicherheitsdienst (SD), consolidating both the Second Division of Admiral Canaris’s Abwehr and foreign nationalities division of the Waffen SS that maintained extensive Mideast networks through an alliance with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

At the age of…

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