Could submarine scandal blow up in Netanyahu’s face?




ישראל פולס

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu climbs out after a tour around the inside of the Rahav submarine after it arrived in Haifa port, Israel, Jan. 12, 2016. (photo by REUTERS/Baz Ratner)

Could submarine scandal blow up in Netanyahu’s face?

The media may be focused on the pricey cigars and bottles of champagne that the Netanyahu family allegedly amassed from its benefactors over the years, but the police investigation into the submarine procurement scandal is gaining momentum. The scandal, which Al-Monitor reported on at the end of October, is about to become a huge international imbroglio.

Summary⎙ Print A private report by Zionist Camp Knesset member Erel Margalit claims that the submarine purchase affair and the possible involvement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu run much deeper than preliminary revelations in the press.


TranslatorDanny Wool

Recently, Knesset member Erel Margalit also…

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