Banner Month for GOP, Trump Cuts Jackboots at EPA, Boosts Military

The Foxhole

March biggest month for Republicans in decade.

Budget plan boosts Pentagon, trims State Dept, EPA.

54B Increase in Military Spending.

And he’s fulfilling his campaign promises by issuing executive orders that unfuck all the damage Barky did to the country:

An order directing a review of a controversial Obama-era water rule that gave the federal government broad regulatory authority overrivers, streams and wetlands.

An order moving the HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) offices back from the Department of Education to the White House.

An order requiring every agency to establish a Regulatory Reform Task Force to evaluate regulations and recommend rules for repeal or modification.

Three ordersestablishing three Department of Justice task forces to fight drug cartels, reduce violent crime and reduce attacks against police.

An order directing the Treasury secretary to review the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulatory law.

A memorandum instructing the Labor Department to delay implementing an…

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