Trump Is Right On Palestine – A Two-State Solution Is No Longer Viable


Yes, Trump did give a great speech at Congress yesterday, but the problem is that he is building sand castles and these will not last. The United States will never regain its strength while giving Satan the front seat. There is no way America can survive while continuing to protect the Jews and Israel. With regards to Palestine, we can clearly see Trump’s path which is to foment Zionism and Zionism is Communism. Trump is an extremely ignorant person who only cares about how much he is applauded and praised. He is a traitor. 

“Trump Is Right On Palestine: A Two-State Solution Is No Longer Viable,” Source:

He may have stumbled upon some useful truth.

Just because Trump said it doesn’t mean it has to be wrong.

During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to Washington, U.S. President Donald Trump…

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