‚White Helmets‘ bags Oscar on politically charged night


Film on Syrian rescue group wins best short documentary in night marked by reaction to Trump’s immigration policies.

The White Helmets group says it has saved more than 80,000 lives [Reuters]
The White Helmets group says it has saved more than 80,000 lives [Reuters]

A film celebrating the White Helmets – a volunteer rescue group that operates in rebel-held parts of Syria – has scooped an Oscar for best short documentary on a night marked by politics.

The eponymously titled White Helmets, a 40-minute Netflix film, gives a window into the lives of the group’s volunteers as they scramble to pull people from the rubble of buildings flattened in bombing raids.

Accepting the Academy Award, director Orlando von Einsiedel urged the audience to stand up and call for an end to Syria’s six-year civil war, which led to a standing ovation.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to increase diversity

Von Einsiedel read out a statement from White Helmets founder Raed…

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